Beautiful ❤️ Heart!!!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall.. It does not matter if I am short or tall…If I have skinny legs or my hips are wide..It only matters who I am inside… Blue eyes, brown eyes, black or green… What makes me beautiful cannot be seen..    When you look at me. Don’t judge me by my parts… The most beautiful thing about me is my heart……

She is just a human being wanting to be loved by the loved ones the way she is, not the way the world wants to see her. A beautiful girl being admired because of her beauty but not for what she have done for others.

She tries to make her family happy.

She tries to make her friends happy.

She tries to make everyone happy.

Absolutely everyone but herself.

She can’t make herself happy anymore even if she wants tries to.

No one even notices it because all think that she’s so happy but they don’t know how good she is in concealing it.

Little did they know that the bubbly girl they think they know is in so much pain.

 I thank you mom for making me beautiful as a person from inside.  Thank you for making me in love with what love is. 

Dedicated to all beautiful mothers and daughters.


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