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Patriotism-ask yourself what you can do!

Recently in past few months Voice had been raised on release of the movies in which neighbouring country actors were casted, especially after the recent URI attack. The  incident have made the relationship between two countries even worse.

Looking back, even after having numerous dialogues and war with Neighboring country, have we ever been able to make a good relationship with them? No. Looking from any perceptive we have never been able to change their mind towards Kashmir, terrorism problem.

Considering what our politicians are saying, different statements are coming with same meaning. Starting from Shiv Sena/ MNS giving 48 hours to the Pakistani artists to leave India. Voices are raised from different parties not to work with them. “The relationship between the Governments of two countries was not very good even before the recent incidents that took place”, was the statement given by one of the party member.

Respecting the politicians statement, I would like to know “always after great efforts by our country for better relation, the result was always negative”. Then why they had ever allowed the Pakistani artists to ever work in Bollywood. Kashmir issue had always been the main reason for the direct and indirect reason of conflict between the two countries. 26/11 incident was equally the big reason to put ban on the artists. Then why now?!!

Please don’t consider my views against our beloved country, as I am in love with my country as any citizen of India. We can never pay back our debt to the army, for what they are doing to give us a peaceful life.. But a certain responsibility lies with the citizens (including Govt.) to payback their efforts by not just talking but making our country much better place to stay, to make the army feel proud that their sacrifice made was worth it.

The work of the artists working within country and cross boarders is not only to portray their talent but exchanging inter cultural activities, which help not only in creating healthy relationships but also help in removing the wrong perception which one might have.

Keeping the issue aside only for a minute and let us look into the problem in a little different manner, I think we can get the answer on the ban of Pakistani artists in Indian cinema. Now a days lot of people are being judged on the grounds of patriotism towards the country.

Shiv Sena/MNS often creates violence in Maharashtra that the creation of job should not be provided to people who are not from the state? Is Maharashtra not the part of India. Then suddenly the party gives an alarm to Pakistani artists to leave country within stipulated time period. They have a very wrong perception on the celebration of Valentines’s day and often give the slogans on not adopting the western culture. Then why are we celebrating New year and Christmas? Here I call people with two faces. Changing statements with the change in the direction of wind and contradicting their own said statements, suiting their convenience.

Talking with loud words and use of inappropriate words, giving worth hearing lectures will not prove the patriotism towards the county. To do something for a country which does not harm the integrity and self-respect is called patriotism.

If few are wrong in a particular community that doesn’t mean all are bad. It’s just the mind-set that we have to change regarding any section of the society.

Not working with the Pakistani artists in the future is the solution of the terrorism problem? Were they involved in the disturbance created all over the world? At certain extent we do respect the decision of the Govt. on the non participation of cross border artists in Indian cinema but on current situation is it correct to raise gun on grounds of patriotism. A lot of issue was created on release of Ae Dil hai Mushkil where the role of the Fawad Khan was only 2 or 3 percent but the Govt. was ready to put the whole crew suffer. To certain extent I agree but the question arises why now.. Shah Ruk Khan already made word with Raj Thackeray during his release of Raees movie, where Mahira Khan was protagonist in the movie. Big thought 🤔🤔needs to be given!!

Looking over the statements, tweets the matter seems to be of more ego and wrong political reasons but not the core reason for which the point was raised.

Patriotism will be proved on that day when our country uses the economy resources it has to make India a developed country and make a better place to stay which is free from crime. Then we can truly pay our debt for the sacrifice made by the Army. Where the Govt. is making it’s efforts to put implementation on “Clean India” and Make in India” , a concept which was the dream of “The Father of Nation“. Then why Rahul Gandhi made weird statements on the efforts made by the Govt. to make India a true Independent country though he himself belongs to Gandhi family. Is he patriotic towards the country? Was there a need to create unnecessary political issues??

Why are we Indians fighting amongst ourselves and making the Pakistanis feel victories. They came, worked and went back. By the end of the day who are being suffered. It’s just like the fight between two cats, a monkey take’s the advantage. The Divide and Rule seed which was sowed by the Britishers during independence and till now no one is ready to understand that cunning thought and people are still fighting among themselves with no reason.Why are we disturbing the peace within our country. This is how we are giving regards to army for whom all 365 days are same. No festival and celebration. Only one big celebration ,”saving the country from the enemies”.

 Unity and love are biggest strength. We can achieve a lot the day we learn.


7 thoughts on “Patriotism-ask yourself what you can do!

  1. It is a nice post. I would like to give a different angle. We love Pakistani artists. But when our jawans are being killed in a deliberate attack, can we have nice relation with our artist friends in Pakistan? Indian government has tried many a time to improve relation. Like a dogs tail, somehow always situation goes back to where it was. What is the point in being so nice with people who simply do not care or are not able to care.

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    1. Thank you .. true I agree with you . Meant same but said Kashmir problem is since independence and9/11 was equally big attack. Kargil war, Pathankot attack etc. Before recent act by Pakistan we had couple of reasons to take the decisions but why now…
      In the name of army why wrong politics . They are meant to be given tribute without any expectations in return.. we owe a lot to our army..
      Thank you and giving your wonderful views sir 😊


  2. We neeed each other! It might not seem so, but we are all fingers of the same hand, legs of the same beast, trees of the same forest. Love and let love.
    So, yeah – like you say.
    Kindness – Robert.

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