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Astitiva – In search of identity!!

Watched “PINK“movie – Spectacularly portrayed the double standards and thoughts of our so-called society. Deep thought needs to be given on not only finding the answer but asking a simple question “Why?”always women are put forward to justify her character. In all the awkward situations Why?  always women are considered wrong and asked to take the precautionary measures.

Talking about “character” it’s a very big word to be questioned upon anyone. “Character” we can’t even say a prostitute that is characterless because if she is in such a condition it’s because of the circumstances that have put her into such position. Human trafficking, sexually abused during her childhood, poverty all these circumstances have led them into this world which no one wants to ever dream of.

When God created the World and a bit of my knowledge on “The Vedas” and respective religious books we have, I see no where the restrictions imposed on women. For a God his children are children in the beautiful “World” he created. In the male dominating society who made the rules where always women were put forward for justification. History itself have given many examples where an inequality between men and women existed. Second marriage was a proud for men after the death of his wife but for a woman when her husband died she was expected to die alive on her husband’s funeral. WHY?

At the same time we are worshipping Godess Lakshmi for Wealth, Godess Saraswati for Education , Goddess Kali and Durga for Strength. It’s a women who gives birth to a child but for maximum families feels girl child a burden. Can I know Why?? What a beautiful thought of our so-called double standard society. Where a woman makes a house to live and gives the privilege to enjoy all the beautiful relations. Still she is looked upon in an objectionable manner.

If men earns for the family, she looks after the house and makes house a warm place for all to live. First one to wake and last one to sleep. In comparison to men she doesn’t have fixed working hours and no date of retirement. Works for all with love and care without expectation but in return no appreciation is given.

From the very beginning have been hearing and seeing the difference in upbringing of a girl and a boy. Girl is taught how to speak, dress and full attention is given on her upbringing but why many things are forgotten at the same time in upbringing of a boy. Why at the same time he isn’t taught the difference between the right and wrong .

A girl coming at 10 o’clock at night is late and is expected to come home 🏡 early but why it is considered correct for a boy to come late night. A girl smoking in public and you will find large number of people staring at her but all become blind when she is raped.

It’s correct for the boy to go for late night parties and drink but at the same time wrong for a girl. Can I know the reason Why?? “What is wrong for one is wrong for other that’s a simple calculation for me“. Her dressing sense is always a big reason for comment. I don’t find anything wrong in decent short dress till you are carrying it elegantly. If something is wrong, it’s wrong in the eyes of men who cannot control their so-called temptation.

Now a days, I am hearing a lot on girls security and ears are getting ached on listening to various suggestions. Talking about security is she safe a home too??Globally, there are numerous cases that have been logged where a girl have been sexually molested even by her relatives. Then where is she safe.

She would be considered safe that day when she is not looked over as an object. When she is accepted, appreciated and respected equally as a part of society. It’s not about ego, it’s about self respect.

A beautiful movie “ASTITVA” again beautifully portrayed the hardships of a women. How hard it’s always for a female who always needs to work for own dignity. A women wants to work not out of the urge of money but to prove her capability in her own eyes but it hurts the ego of a man. A man may have an extramarital affair or may have any kind of weakness, he may not be questioned. Then who have given the authority to men or society to question a women on such circumstances.

I am proud to be a women because she is formed from the bricks that others throw on her. Don’t consider her tears as her weakness but it’s the answer of her clear heart. A women doesn’t need a certificate of her character, for she beholds her own strong attitude. She doesn’t need men to protect her because the day men respects his sister and mother, others automatically will be safe.

A strong women becomes strong because of the pain she suffered and won.

It’s only the matter of perception and thought once changed, automatically will find a huge difference.


8 thoughts on “Astitiva – In search of identity!!

  1. If talk abt all these things in front of anybody, they’ll confuse it with ego or being feminist instead of the dignity. Yes its true dat no place is considered safe fr women , be it’s anywhere in the world. Ppl used to judge her from the clothes, they will not understand that she could be fond of wearing different types of clothes. I hope psychology of these ppl will change.

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  2. It’s an upside down world. But the biggest reason this all is still happening today is that most women tend to accept it and try to fit in the picture. Life is easier for them if they fit in, or so they think. it doesn’t only apply to this particular situation but to many others, too. People just tend to accept their “position” and will work ways around fitting in just to not cause trouble or stay out of trouble.

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      1. Yes. People are so slow when it comes to change. Of course males don’t want to give up their “status” and women tend to try and find good things in their positions, you know, still telling themselves “it’s okay, I still have it better than somebody else”

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