The Sun ☀️ is alone too. And he is still shining!!!

The Sun ☀️ is alone too. And he is still shining!!!

Couldn’t explain the above Quote better than this.

Maybe a day will come in your life, when you will feel that everything is over. You have a hard feeling that you will not be able to revive from the pain you are suffering. Giving a chance to heal, you can’t force into something else because it’s not going to work, but in actual opposite is going to happen.

Give yourself time. Stop searching for something that isn’t their. If you are upset and need to cry, than man go and cry. Do not try something in life just to fill the gap, maybe it’s just not up to your standards. 

Standards 😊!! People understand the word with wrong perception.  Meaning Respect yourself , trust your caliber and capabilities and most importantly love yourself. It’s better to stay alone rather than in a crowd of people who only mock.  It’s great to work on yourself, because you deserve to be happy. Every person on this planet deserves to have every  bit of happiness. Who on earth says you need a company to be happy. One thing I have learnt from life is that it’s better to be on your own. I don’t need to worry about what people say or think. My decisions are mine not what people suggests.

The fact is , you have to better yourself in order to be able to let a whole new person into your life. You have to let yourself grow the ability to trust again and to know your worth. Don’t search for relations which were never yours. 

Stand up and fight back again. Being alone is strength and not weakness because



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