What goes around, Comes around !!!

Very rightly said,”What we sow,we reep”. Life is all about how we behave -” Life is like an Echo”, We get back, What we give.jdcdc

Couldn’t stop myself sharing this beautiful story,

A man saw an old lady standing round the corner of the road, and in the dim of light he could see she needed help. He stopped in front of her Mercedes and came out with a smile on his face. 

Even with a smile on his face she was worried because no one had stopped for help in last hour or so. Lot of things running in her mind: Was he going to hurt her? He  didn’t look safe, he looks poor and hungry. He could see she was frightened, standing their out in cold. He knew how she felt. 

He said, “I am their to help you. Please sit inside the car where it’s warm”. My name is Anderson. The only problem was she had a flat Tyre but for an old lady it was a big problem. Anderson crawled under the car, looking a place to put the jack and soon he was able to change the tyre. But he had to get dirty and hands hurt. While he was tightening the lug nuts, the lady rolled down the window and began talking to him. She tells him that she was from St Louis and was just passing through. She said she couldn’t express in words how thankful she was in providing aid to her.

Anderson smiled as he closed the truck. The lady asked how much should she pay him. Giving any amount at this moment was not a problem because she had already imagined the awful things that could happen to her if he didn’t stop to help. Anderson had never thought even twice for being paid. This was not his job. This was only helping someone who needed it and God knows their were plenty, who had given him a hand in the past. He had lived  that way his whole life.

He told her that if she really wanted to pay him back, then next time she sees a person who needs help give them assistance and ‘ Think About Me’. 

He waited till she started the car and drove away. It was cold and depressing day but he felt good as he headed towards home. 

A few miles down the road, the lady stopped to have a meal and tea. Thought to get herself refreshed before she made the last leg towards her home. The place around her was unfamiliar. The restaurant was looking dapper dingy. As she entered the restaurant the waitress bought the clean towel to wipe her wet hair. The waitress had a sweet smile on her face even though she had been on her feet the whole day.  

The lady noticed the waitress was 8 months pregnant but she still had a positive behaviour and never let the strain and ache affect her attitude. The lady thought there must be a need that made her work even during the time when she needed to rest. Then, she remembered Anderson. 

After the lady finished the meal she paid her $100 bill. The waitress quickly went to get the change of her $100 bill. But was surprised to see that lady had gone by then and wondered where had she gone. Than she saw a writing in a napkin. 

Tears rolling down her eyes, while reading what the lady had written in the napkin. “You don’t owe me anything, I have been there to”. Somebody once helped me, the way I am doing it to you. If you want to repay me back here what you do: don’t let the chain of love end here with you.

Under the napkin were 4 more $100 bills. 

Well there were tables to clear and more people to serve and she made it through another day. At night when she had gone home and got into the bed,she was thinking about the Money and what the lady had written. How did the lady know how much she and her husband needed the money, where next month the baby was due, it’s going to be hard.

She knew how her husband was worried. As he was sleeping next to her, she kissed him and quietly said, ‘ everything is going to be fine. I Love You Anderson.

What goes around, Comes around!! When you are good with others, it’s going to return and vice versa.


15 thoughts on “What goes around, Comes around !!!

  1. Very truly said. In the days when ppl have stopped acknowledging the very existence of each other, talking about helping each other is a wonderful message. Good work. Keep going……..

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